Ouarzazate, one of the most ancient cities in the south of Morocco’s High Atlas mountains, has been considered and still considered as the most attractive landscape for the filmmakers in Africa. Its name is originated from a Berber phrase meaning “without noise” or “without confusion.” It was the main crossroad of African trade to northern cities in Morocco. Temperatures in Ouarzazate vary drastically. When it comes to  humidity, temperatures feel very nice much of the year, but hot in the summer. It is cold in the winter with a very low chance of rain or snow throughout the year. The area is somewhat temperate — in the 57th percentile for pleasant weather — compared to tourist destinations worldwide. If you’re looking for the very warmest time to visit Ouarzazate, the hottest months are July, August, and then June. Ouarzazate was selected as the biggest province after administrative stratification and a military basis for French army. The stunning armature illustrates the intelligence and creativity of its locals. Its landscape infrastructure is mainly oases, deserts, vast dunes, and mountains. It has been a historical melting of cultures from different tribes of different races collided together and made one community. It is well known for the valley of thousands of Kasbahs. Ait Ben Haddou is the most outstanding kasbah, located 30km away from Ouarzazate city. It was selected by the UNESCO and was included in the World Heritage Program. Then there is the road of thousands of Kasbahs ; a stream of kasbahs and each one has 2 years of age, however stills in good conditions. The natural dazzling beauty of the Kasbahs astonish every traveler. Its beauty marks the uniqueness of its places. When we are talking about Ouarzazate, we can not forget to mention the valley of “Oued Dra” the destruction of this river was caused by the construction of the dam in Ouarzazate. It is rich by the palm gloves and was considered as the golden road of trade. The visit of King Hassan II in 1961 has left an effect on the economy of the region. When the economy of the city started to flourish new projects were made until it became one of the most top cities in Morocco to visit. New high rated hotels were built and new restaurants and other attractions were made to bring more tourism to the region. When the city was introduced to the film industry there was a need for a film studio. An entrepreneur, Mohamed Belghmi, officially founded this movie studio called Atlas Corporations Studios in 1983 and reached out to Hollywood offering his services. Different famous were film in this studio, Lawrence of Arabia, The Jewel of the Nile, The Mummy, Game of Thrones…and so many more. This studio is located 5 km away from the city Ouarzazate. It becomes a popular tourist destination and local business for guides. The company continue to flourish thanks to the climate and natural conditions. This area can mimic different parts of Africa. The ancient taste of the walls and buildings give it more uniqueness and artistic vintage taba3 ??. Ouarzazate is inhabited by Berber-speakers, who constructed many of the prominent kasbahs. When it comes to safety, since Ouarzazate is a touristic area it must be safe, in fact it is very safe however do not wander in empty places either at night or morning, it is adviseable to take a guide with you since they know each corner in the city. You need to be aware of those things, first of all, be aware of not getting lost in the winding medina streets or getting hassled by unofficial guides, and it is better to address official guide agencies. If you feel you’re getting lost, stick to the main paths which generally have a fair flow of people going either way, and you’ll soon reach a landmark or exit. Keep an eye on your belongings. Travellers can minimise risk by being careful in major cities and taking some basic precautions. When wandering the streets, keep valuables you carry to a minimum and keep what you must carry well hidden. The fact of unofficial guides in Ouarzazate is unavoidable; however, if you ever experience this situation, do not hesitate to call the touristic polices as soon as possible. You’ll generally find faux guides hanging around the entrances to the big cities’ medinas and outside bus, train and ferry stations. It is necessary to contact legal guide agencies in the city.

Ouarzazate has many spectacular attractions and sightseeing to visit from casbah’s,markets, museums, cinema studios, riverbanks, and old districts of Taourirt and Tassoumate.

1-Taourirt Kasbah Museum:

A maze of ancient Berber buildings, a fortress against the backdrop of Atlas mountains. It is one of the most impressive kasbahs in Ouarzazate with connected passageways, steps, and keylocks doors. Once you are wandering in Kasbahs, you will experience a mixture of ancient Arabic cultures. Venture off into the edge of Ouarzazate and the hidden beauty of the kasbahs and the stunning adorned Arabic chambers on the top floors.

2-Ait Ben Haddou:

A significant geographical location on the old trading route between Sudan and Ouarzazate. The type of constructions makes it a unique destination in the southeast past of Marrakech. This small area attracts many dwellers from every inch of the world. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Ait Ben Haddou kasbah.

3-The Dades valley

deep into the Dades valley, runs the Dades gorge, which was formed by the glacial rivers running from the Atlas mountains. The river originates in the high Atlas range of Atlas mountains. It ranges to 350 kilometers southwest before joining the Draa River at the edge of the Sahara; it is just a few kilometers after the town Boumalne Dades. While driving in the passageways, one will enjoy looking at ancient Berber houses on the top of the hills.

Although there are many places to visit in Ouarzazate, those listed above are the main top well-known attractions in Ouarzazate. Do not squander the opportunity to visit them.


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